How Activ5 Works

How Activ5 Works

Fitness that fits today’s lifestyles


Activ5 is the next generation of fitness. Developed over 5 years with millions of dollars invested, Activ5’s proprietary technology creates a “Fitness Fingerprint” for every user, where no two Activ5 workout profiles are identical.

Activ5 will dynamically create more than 100 full body workouts for you based on isometric exercises. Activ5 personalizes every exercise to your unique strength level. 

How Activ5 Works

Don’t have an hour to hit the gym? Enjoy short burst seated & standing workouts at the office.

How Activ5 Works

Easy & fun. Don’t let your kids have all the fun. Exercise to Activ5 games while on the sidelines.


Activ5 measures and tracks your muscle force while coaching you through highly effective, no impact workouts.

Activ5 will present your individual workout performance and measure your progress over time. The average strength gain for Activ5 users is 30%*, as measured in a recent independent study.

How Activ5 Works

Enjoy 5-10 minutes of quiet time yoga/pilates exercises at home or your hotel.

How Activ5 Works

Personalized workouts enable you to exercise anywhere.


Because Activ5 is a portable fitness device, it’s like having more than 100 gym-based workouts available on-demand right at your desk, or couch, or car, or plane seat, or anywhere.

How Activ5 Works

The ultimate excuse buster. Skip the gym and fit in a quick 5 minute workout before or after lunch.

How Activ5 Works

Don’t be sedentary on long trips. Boost your metabolism while in the air.

Exercises & Workouts

Unlike any fitness product available today, Activ5 features dozens of specially designed isometric exercises in over 100 workouts. 

Activ5 even features workouts uniquely designed for busy moms and dads and traveling professionals, enabling exercise in the Office, while Watching TV, in the Hotel and even in the Car/Plane/Train!

Activ5 Features Dozens of Exercises & Over 100 Workouts


  • Full Body
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearms
  • Core
  • Obliques
  • Back
  • Glutes
  • Hip Flexors
  • Quads
  • Thighs
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves & Shins


  • Activ5 Challenge
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Get Strong
  • Get Toned
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Awesome Abs
  • Butt Burner
  • Lean Legs
  • Office
  • Watching TV
  • Car/Plane/Train
  • Hotel
  • Surprise Me

Exercise with Games!

Activ5 offers a growing library of games that allow you to get your exercise while having fun, challenge your friends and family. The Activ5 games work with any smartphone, and are available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play. From classics to brand new styles, the games are easy to connect and work with any Activ5 exercise!